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A textbook Tuesday spent at Gene Simmons's new gaff, worked our way through Stella, wine & Jameson as usual and discussed the mix formula for success before extending the life span with hardcore endorphin releasing laughter. Cracking on with the next batch of new tunes as we let loose the last batch of audio daily over the next 10 days.

Download full track for free:
*Culture Clash*

Download track for free:

Yesterday, Sunday of all days, was bright & significant as we acquired an entire, un-ending universe of sonic tool. One short trip across West LA + a mere 12 hour (12-disc) install later, we are now fully armed with 90GB of groundbreaking samplers, synths, guitar amps, bass amps, instruments, effects, 10,000+ sounds, sound generators, groove boxes, sequencers, etc.... "a true playground for the creative mind".

The next chapter is about to unfold. Let the games begin...